Home loan at L-Art Construction

April 21, 2022

TEB Bank SH.A in cooperation with L-art Construction have reached an agreement for financing the purchase of apartments.

What do you need to apply?
• Receive your salary through TEB Bank or bring confirmation from your employer that your salary will be transferred to TEB.

Required documents for application:
– Valid identification document (ID card, Passport or Driver’s License)
– Valid employment contract
– Bank balance (last 6 months)
– Utility bill (electricity, water, waste or telephone) proving your address (not older than 6 months)
– Sale and purchase contract and other documents on the property

Additional documents that may be required based on the value of the loan:
– Evidence of additional family income
– Co-borrower e Guarantor, Employment contract, Bank balance (last 6 months)
– Bank balance (last 6 months)
– Mortgage: Possession certificate and copy of plan (not older than 6 months)
– Car booklet (car must not be older than 12 years).

If you would like to discuss your mortgage needs, please visit your local branch, email us at info@teb-kos.com, or contact our Call Center at 038 / 230-000.