Business Debit Card
Access your account easily with your Business Debit Card

The TEB Business Debit Card is a VISA branded card that is connected to your business current account.

You can use it for instant access to your available funds in VISA branded ATMs all over the world. It can also be used to access agreed overdraft funds on your current account and make payments or withdrawals.


Withdrawals can also be made free of charge 24/7 at TEB ATMs in Kosovo and you can check your account balance at the same time. Zero-charge payments for business purchases can also be made through TEB’s POS network, the largest in the market.

If you would like to know more about TEB’s Business Debit Card, please visit one of our branches and discuss your requirements with a Portfolio Officer.

Business Starcard
Use your Business Starcard for purchases and spread repayments

The Business Starcard is a revolving credit card that can be used to cover your company’s daily expenses and purchases.

Every time the card is used within the TEB POS network, you will receive and accumulate bonus points that can be used for future purchases. The card has flexible payment features as purchases can either be paid for in one single transaction or in installments with no charges.


Even though the Starcard is designed primarily for purchases and payments, TEB facilitates a predetermined daily cash withdrawal at any of our ATMs throughout Kosovo and VISA branded ATMs all over the world.

This is an international card that is VISA licensed and can be used for payments abroad, reservations and purchases through the internet.

The card’s limit can be allocated over several company cardholders, such as: shareholders, managers and employees, depending on authorization by the card holder.

All Business Starcard transactions can be monitored easily through a single statement.

If you would like to know more about TEB’s Business Credit Card – Starcard, please visit one of our branches and discuss your requirements with a Portfolio Officer.

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Agro Card
Agro Card – unique, simple and efficient product

TEB Bank’s Agro Card is a unique tailor-made product that will enable a win – win solution between three main players of the market: merchant, farmer and the bank.

The card takes into consideration specific needs of agro clients where cash flow is heavily depended on the season.


The TEB Agro Card enables easy access to finance throughout Kosovo and allows farmers and agribusinesses to purchase agricultural inputs, tools and equipment with very good conditions.

• Fulfills agricultural specific seasonal needs
• Payments through a wide network of agriculture input and equipment suppliers
• Installment purchasing with 0% interest rate
• Up to 6 months’ grace period for the period from March until August

If you would like to know more about TEB’s Agro Card, please visit one of our branches and discuss your requirements with a Portfolio Officer.

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Women Entrepreneurship Credit Card
A Card for Women Entrepreneurs

The Women Entrepreneurship Card is a credit card designed to meet the needs of aspiring and established women entrepreneurs. The card is intended to expand the resources available for women-owned businesses who are navigating through periods of lopsided cash flow. A unique feature for this card is the interest free installment purchases.


The card functions as a closed cycle card and can only be used in TEB Bank POS terminals and ATM’s.

If you are a women entrepreneur or planning to start your business, visit your nearest branch and get equipped with “Women Entrepreneurship Credit Card”.

If you would like to know more about TEB’s Women Entrepreneurship Card, please visit one of our branches and discuss your requirements with a Portfolio Officer.

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Business e-Banking & TEB Mobile

Our goal is to help you manage your banking in the most efficient way. That is why we have created a range of banking services, 24/7, with advanced security settings and high accessibility – Business e-Banking. All you need is Internet to customize your access by choosing between permanent PIN & Password or a One Time Pin. To further enhance the security of the system, you can also personalize your access based on the different security settings offered to suit different users.

The wide offer of Business e-banking includes the following functions:

  • Make all types of transfers, including monitoring SWIFT payments on-line. Please click here to see the terms and conditions for international transfer orders
  • Make all types of Institutional Payments (Taxes, Pension Contributions, Customs, Collector Payments etc.)
  • Monitor pre-defined or new transfer statements
  • Monitor current accounts balance
  • Manage your Direct Debit System
  • Generate detailed account statements and reports
  • Pre-define recurring payments
  • Execute and monitor Salary payments
  • Monitor your Credit Card
  • Monitor your business POS
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    Money Transfers

    Benefit from a rapidly evolving infrastructure for your transfers

    We know the importance of on-time money transfers so we aim to provide the best-quality service.

    TEB is one of the fastest growing banks in Kosovo and is constantly getting closer to customers through new branches, improved services and unique products.

    Aiming to raise the service quality towards our clients we offer the “Automatic SWIFT notification”. This service is applicable for the international outgoing transfers as after their execution and the generation of the SWIFT message from our system, the same will be forwarded automatically to the client that is initiating the transaction.

    To ensure that international payments meet the clients’ needs for speed, traceability and transparency We also offer the “SWIFT GPI”. Through SWIFT GPI we provide our customers with a transformed payments experience, enabled through easy to use and simple to set up digital tools.

    As a business client, you can rely on our branch network covering the main centers of Kosovo and a cutting- edge Business e-Banking service for making different types of transfers.

    The different types of transfers available at TEB are as follows:

    Intra-branch transfer

    Are transfer of funds to beneficiaries with an account at TEB. Both the issuing and the beneficiary party in this type of transfer need to have an account at TEB. It is very advantageous for transferring money as it is very fast. This service can also be accessed through Business e-Banking, 24/7.

    National Money Transfer

    Are transfer of funds to account holders at other banks in Kosovo. There are two options for transfers depending on the urgency. The service is available through your e-Banking which offers the possibility to speed up future transactions by defining and saving the beneficiary details.

    Find out more by downloading the information here.

    International Transfers

    Are transfers to international suppliers and customers. For detailed information on international transfers, please download the information here.

    Swift code of TEB Sh. A: TEBKXKPR.

    Visit your nearest TEB branch for more information.

    Salary Payments

    More opportunities for your employees with salary payment services

    Regardless of the number of employees working in your company, you can always rely on the efficient distribution of salaries through TEB. All you have to do is sign up for our Salary Payment service.

    This is a highly convenient service as it allows you pay salaries in one of two ways:

    You can choose to send a list to your portfolio manager at your home branch or you can upload the list and execute it through Business e-Banking. The execution is automatic for your staff who bank with either TEB or other banks.

    If your employees choose to receive their salaries in their TEB account, we will make it possible for them to access all our banking products and services and provide them with special offers.

    Visit your nearest TEB branch for more information.

    Utility Payments

    We offer you multiple channels for utility payments

    Production and communication are key to running a successful business. That means energy, telecoms and other utilities play a crucial role in your day-to-day operations. Managing your utility payments efficiently ensures there is never any loss of service if payment is not received on time by your supplier.

    That is why TEB has come up with a number of ways to manage your utilities – all will save you time and ease your financing.

  • Collector Payments offers the possibility for the payment of invoices that have unique UNIREF number. Through this option customer may manage the payments for Public Institutions, Education fees, Public and Private Organizations and Companies, State Agencies, Regulatory Offices, Authorities and other government payments:
  • Gyro Payments is one off the most efficient way for making payments of the utility bills. Its main use is for regular periodic payments such as customs, taxes, electricity, water, insurance companies etc.
  • Invoice Payment System is a service that enhances the quality and convenience of invoice payments. This system presents a free, efficient and a multichannel tool. Invoice Payment System covers the specifics for payments with IPKO and KESCO. Payments with IPKO are eligible only for business customers (SME and Corporate) that are subject to post-paid invoicing from invoicing companies. Payments with KESCO are eligible for all types of clients independently if they belong to retail or business segment.
  • Payment Order through SMS is an additional channel for invoice payments. Currently, invoice payments can be ordered through SMS for KESCO and Customs.
  • Choose the best suited for your business’s needs.

    SMS Banking

    SMS Notification – Your account is in your pocket

    Time is money, especially when you are on the move with no access to internet. That is why we have put our bank in your pocket.

    Using TEB SMS Banking, you can keep track of all your finances and monitor your account balance, loan installments and more – and plan your daily financial flow.

    Activating SMS is easy and free and there is no maintenance fee either. The service can be used when you want it, or you can receive continual live information. Use this service not only for information on your current and other accounts. Available 24 /7, you are only charged for the use you make of it.

    SMS Top UP – Keeps you accessible

    Mobile phone expenses too high? Would you like to have more control over what your sales team is spending?

    Why not opt for TEB’s SMS Top Up for all prepaid mobile users. All you have to do is send a single SMS and you can top up your own mobile phone or those of your employees. How? Through an SMS to 50001.

    The service is very easy to use. If you have an account at TEB, just go to your local branch and authorize the beneficiary numbers in the system. Once the authorization is completed, you can access the service from anywhere as long as there is an available network. The service works for all operators in Kosovo: Vala, IPKO,

    Automatic Payments

    You run your business while payments take care of themselves

    Whether we are talking about rent payments, saving up for your company’s future or unexpected purchases – all your regular payments require monthly transfers.

    TEB offers the standing order service as a means to free up your time.

    The Standing order is a free service that can be activated through your local branch. It allows you to automatize your regular monthly bills through specific payments on an assigned date. You can set standing orders for a specific period (up to 5 years). The service will save you a great deal of time and will ensure that your payments are made on time. If you temporarily have insufficient balance, the standing order will use your overdraft facility to ensure payment is made.

  • Bulk Payments – is an enhanced functionality that enables our customers to execute bulk domestic transfers via a single list that can easily upload into our Business e-banking system. Hence, adding further value to our business customer services, while saving time and increasing efficiency.
  • Direct Debit System (CBK Format) – Central Bank of Kosovo (CBK) direct debit (DD) system is a payment instrument by which the customer authorizes his bank through the company to debit (withdraw) funds directly from his/ her bank account. This instrument represents a standardized and automated way, which is suitable for regular and period payments.
  • POS Terminals

    Increase your turnover through a TEB Point of Sale (POS)

    The evolution of banking has introduced new methods of payments that reduce the need for cash in daily transactions. Point of Sale (POS) is a banking point at your store that allows customers to pay with a TEB debit or credit card.

    By installing a POS, you will become part of the biggest POS network in Kosovo and vastly increase your access to customers and their access to the goods and services you offer.

    The advantage of having a Point of Sale lies in the potential to increase sales as a huge number of customers now use the market-leading TEB Starcard. By becoming part of TEB Point of Sale (POS) network, you will participate in the numerous campaigns organized throughout the year that will channel clients to your business and increase your sales.

    TEB was the first bank to offer Point of Sale (POS) in GPRS technology which minimizes operational inconveniences in serving customers.

    You can easily access movements in your POS account through Business e-Banking or through our Call Center Services on 038 / 230-000.

    Why wait to join TEB’s POS network – contact your branch, send us an email on, or call us on 038/230000.

    ATM – Your cash is always available through TEB’s ATM network

    In providing 24/7 access to your current account, TEB has invested in and expanded our ATM network to the current 45 ATMs located all over Kosovo. Through ATMs, TEB is able to serve all its individual and business clients with Debit and Starcards.

    Withdrawals with debit cards are free while withdrawals with Starcards are charged depending on the amount. Through our ATMs, we also serve cardholders of other banks as long as they are VISA, VISA Electron or PLUS licensed.

    TEB’s ATM offers you fast and secure points for money withdrawals as they are the best in the market and equipped with anti-skimming devices (devices that protect customer cards from data theft). In providing cash withdrawal, the ATM reduces the time you would normally spend waiting at the branch.

    By inserting your TEB Debit Card into the ATM you can also access your overdraft facility in case of insufficient funds. Additional services offered through ATMs are balance checks and change of debit card PIN.

    For more information, visit the nearest TEB branch, send us an email ( or contact the Call Center on 038/230000.

    Call center – Where banking services never stop

    At TEB we are constantly trying to upgrade our service level, set a standard of service and introduce new delivery channels that will fit our customers’ banking needs. That is why TEB provides you with Call Center services at 038/230000 that are accessible and ready to help you 24/7.

    All TEB clients can use the Call Center for the following services:

    • Account Balance/Statement
    • Interest Rate Calculation
    • Credit Card Cycle Change
    • Credit Card Payment Method Change
    • Exchange Rate Information
    • E-Banking PIN & Password Reset
    • Payment of Credit Card Debt

    • Account Statement through MT904 (Swift Format) – isis an international standard for electronic account statement, developed by SWIFT for electronic transmission of account information. With this service, we offer to our business customers additional service that are a must on their daily business while reconciling their daily account statements.

    Visit the nearest TEB branch, send us an email ( ) or contact the Call Center on 038/230000 for more information.