Small and Medium Businesses

Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises play a vital role in the economic development because of their potential contributions to improvement of income distribution, employment creation, poverty reduction, industrial development, rural development, and export growth The SME Banking department is responsible for the development of new business and expansion of existing business through commercial and consumer financing growth. The department implements strategies and services that cater to targeted groups through lending programs such as:

Agro Clients

One of the biggest hurdles farmers is the high seasonality of the sector. Therefore, they are forced to rely on loans and other financial assistance to meet their various short-term and long-term capital requirements.

TEB fulfills the financing needs of our agricultural and agribusiness clients with Agro loans for working capital, fixed investments, financing for capital improvements and other products that best address the sector’s needs. Agribusiness is a very specific sector that requires specific expertise from your banker. We have that expertise and would like to be at your disposal for financial and technical advices.

In order to expand your activity related with agricultural production, processing, trade and services, you can use our loans to purchase working capital or agriculture equipment, increase livestock, farm renovation with very competitive conditions. Loans are customized to your needs. Flexible installment plans can be arranged based on your requirements while the maturity ranges from 12 months up to 60 months, depending on the nature of the investment.

If you would like to know more about TEB’s Agro Loan, we invite you to visit one of our branches and discuss your requirements with a specialized Portfolio Officer.

Agro Card

Agro Card – unique, simple and efficient product

TEB Bank’s Agro Card is a unique tailor-made product that will enable a win – win solution between three main players of the market: merchant, farmer and the bank.

The card takes into consideration specific needs of agro clients where cash flow is heavily depended on the season.

The TEB Agro Card enables easy access to finance throughout Kosovo and allows farmers and agribusinesses to purchase agricultural inputs, tools and equipment with very good conditions.

  • Fulfills agricultural specific seasonal needs
  • Payments through a wide network of agriculture input and equipment suppliers
  • Installment purchasing with 0% interest rate
  • Up to 6 months’ grace period for the period from March until August
  • Apply here

    Women Entrepreneurs

    For all women entrepreneurs – a driving force of change!

    Whether you already run a business or plan to, we can help with your everyday business needs. We’re ready to deliver our expertise and offer tangible support to you and your business. TEB’s Women Entrepreneurship Program offers a unique opportunity to take your business further. The Program is open to every woman (at least 18 years old) who aspires to become an entrepreneur, is an owner of or manages a business.

    The program offers:

    • Loans with preferential interest rates
    • Grace period of up to three months
    • For clients who are regular in installment payments until the end of the credit cycle, a 10% refund of the amount paid in interest

    You can apply for this funding through our range of loan, credit card and finance options.

    Tools for women in business

    We’ve developed programs and tools to help empower women in business. You can take through here.

    What do you need to apply?

    Valid identification document (identity card, passport or driving license)

    Your business documents

    Additional documents that may be required based on the value of loan:

  • Co-borrower
  • Guarantor
  • Mortgage: Possession certificate and copy of plan (not older than 6 months)
  • Car registration certificate (the car must not be older than 12 years)
  • Contact information

    Where can I find more information about Entrepreneurship Program?

    If you want to learn more about services for businesses by TEB, discuss with our Portfolio Officers at one of our branches, call our Call Center at 038/230-000 or send us an email at


    Women Entrepreneurship Credit Card – A Card for Women Entrepreneurs

    The Women Entrepreneurship Card is a credit card designed to meet the needs of aspiring and established women entrepreneurs. The card is intended to expand the resources available for women-owned businesses who are navigating through periods of lopsided cash flow. A unique feature for this card is the interest free installment purchases.

    The card functions as a closed cycle card and can only be used in TEB Bank POS terminals and ATM’s.

    If you are a women entrepreneur or planning to start your business, visit your nearest branch and get equipped with “Women Entrepreneurship Credit Card”.

    Apply here

    Young Entrepreneurs

    The programs are designed to impact the growth of the targeted market areas.

    Young Entrepreneurs – driving innovation and change

    Are you 18 – 35 years old? Do you have an idea or are a business owner? Do you have a creative and innovative solution to a challenge? Than the Young Entrepreneurs Program is the right fit for you.

    The Young Entrepreneurs Program provides a range of financial and non-financial services tailored to the needs of young entrepreneurs at different stages of their business cycle. The initiative caters to newly-found businesses, as well as established enterprises.

    The initiative will cater to local entrepreneurs who are looking for a launch pad and a hub to accelerate their growth. These programs will support the growth of local initiatives by providing an experienced roster of mentors from various sectors, financial & regulatory support, registration support, and much more. The program will create a business builder (for early-stage startups), an accelerator (for mature firms), where the businesses that are created from the two will later reside within the TEB Entrepreneur Houses.

    Program Goals

  • Broaden scope of core businesses
  • Drive growth in new and untapped market
  • Increase investment in innovation
  • Maintain continuous organic and profitable growth
  • Ensure long-term competitiveness
  • Implement ground-breaking customized solutions
  • Entrepreneur House

    The Entrepreneur House will offer the services listed above based on the individual company evaluation made by bank staff and Evaluation panelists during pitching:

  • Access to bank’s dedicated credit line
  • Development of the business and marketing plans,
  • Development of product/service prototype or industrial design or technical documentation,
  • Legally constituting the company
  • 1-1 market-oriented and professional consulting, mentoring and training.
  • Office facilities including meeting and conference rooms
  • Basic utilities (high speed internet) and access to equipment
  • Affiliation with Bank to enhance exposure and expand marketplace
  • Access to local and international networks
  • Social area services (business presentations, forums, conferences)