Do not extend the decision, extend the payment for 3 months!

For every purchase in December 2023 with an individual Starcard in installments worth €50 or more, start paying in March 2024.

The most popular bank card in Kosovo, Starcard is back again this year with the unique campaign of deferred payments: “Extend the payment for 3 months”.

The offer is valid for all individual customers of TEB Bank who have Starcard, Premium Starcard or SheCard.

Clients who make purchases in all sectors at POS terminals of TEB Bank in the amount of €50 or more, in installments, will benefit from the offer, as follows:

  • For purchases during the month of December 2023, start paying the installment debt in MARCH 2024 MARS 2024

And, you will benefit all of this with 0% interest.

The offer is valid from October 1 to December 31, 2023.

Starcard empowers you!!