Debit Card – Starcash

Debit Card – Starcash

Starcash Debit Card - purchasing has never been easier

The latest innovation brought by TEB Bank in bank cards in Kosovo is a vertical version of debit cards called Starcash.

Vertical debit cards, along with other technological innovations, are a growing trend in recent years across the globe.

The Starcash card comes in two designs to suit every customer.

TEB Debit Card helps you to manage your money by presenting on your bank balance statement how much you have spent and where. You can also access the overdraft service.

You can check your balance and withdraw or deposit funds 24/7 through our network of ATMs spread throughout Kosovo.

Shopping is also made easier since the TEB Debit Card provides access to the largest network of POS (Point of Sales) terminals in the country where you can use the card to pay for your purchases free of charge and also enables contactless payments in POS terminals.

Each debit card transaction carried out in the TEB POS terminals network is rewarded with bonus points. The bonus is calculated as 0.25% of the purchase amount and will be credited to customer’s account as a cumulative bonus value at the end of the month. The bonus amount earned can be checked on a daily basis through the TEB bank ATM’s, through e-banking and Tebmobile.

Furthermore, you can carry out online purchases by using the TEB Debit Card. Offering online purchases has significantly reduced direct contacts, long queues and waiting times, thus improving the quality of our service. Therefore, in order to facilitate online shopping options, TEB bank has increased the daily limit from € 100 to € 500.

For every online transaction from your debit card carried out on Visa and Mastercard certified websites, you will receive an SMS password each time to authorize your transaction. To ensure that your transaction is successful you need to have the correct phone number, in case you do not have it, then we recommend that you change your contact number through the ATM or visit the nearest branch.

For more information please contact the Call Center on 038 230 000, Facebook/messenger (TEB Sh. A), Instagram (TEB Sh. A), Web (