Starcard - one card, many benefits

Starcard is the product that has truly revolutionized consumer spending in Kosovo. This credit card offers a package of financial options for purchases.

Starcard is launched on the market by carefully analyzing customer needs for this type of revolving credit card. The Starcard platform represents a beneficial situation for all parties involved. Starcard is the first installments based credit card in Kosovo, which gives its holder a bonus for each transaction made in the TEB merchants network in Kosovo. All the above card features are highly appreciated in the market.

With the Starcard you can pay up to 24 installments with 0% interest on all points of sale equipped with TEB Bank POS terminals (the number of installments depends on the merchant agreement).

In addition, you can make payments anywhere in the world where VISA and Mastercard brand is accepted.

How to obtain a Starcard?

The documents necessary for application for Credit Card:

A valid identification document (identity card, passport or driver's license).

Employment contract.

Bank statement as evidence of regular salary income (if receiving the income at another Bank).

Starcard features:

• Starpoints (Bonus)
• Installment payments
• International payments
• Starcash
• Campaigns
• Starpoints

When using the StarCard in TEB Bank POS terminals, you will gain Starpoints, depending on the agreement
with the merchant, the more StarCard purchases, the more starpoints you will earn.

1 Starpoint equals 1€ .

You may use earned Starpoints to purchase in the TEB Bank POS terminals.

Installment payments:

You may divide your Starcard purchases at TEB Bank POS terminals, into up to 24 installments with 0% interest (number of installments depends on the merchant agreement).

Example: If you purchased a TV in the amount of 500€ and divided the purchase into 5 installments, then you are obliged to pay 100€ each month for the purchase.

International payments:

You can use Starcard to make purchases anywhere in the world in POS terminals or through the Internet, all at 0% charge.

In addition, you now have the opportunity to make purchases with up to 3 installments in POS terminals abroad or online. You can apply for this service at the nearest TEB Bank branch.

Please click here for more information about this service.


Starcard allows you to withdraw cash in up to 12 installments through the TEB Bank ATM’s throughout Kosovo.

To obtain more details about the fees that apply for this service click here.


Throughout the year, TEB bank organizes many campaigns to offer special offers to Starcard customers, where customers can benefit from: extra bonus, extra installments, various sweepstakes, deferred installments, etc.

To receive information about campaigns through SMS and the e-mail newsletter, you must provide your consent to receive promotional offers.

In addition, you can also follow all new notifications in our Facebook and Instagram page.

And there is more..

You can use your Starcard to pay utility bills , such as electricity, telephone, water and even vehicle registration – you may pay all these in up to 3 installments.

Repayment is just as easy and flexible. You can repay the full amount spent during the entire month or you can repay the minimum amount of that month’s balance and carry forward the remaining debt to the following month. Your repayments are debited from your current account automatically on the 15th or 30th of the month, depending on which date you have decided.

Now you can also pay your debt by depositing funds or transfer through TEB ATMs.

For better management of your Starcard, we recommend using e-Banking or TebMobile through which you can monitor and repay the debt at any time of the month. For all Starcard services you can contact our Call Center at 038/230-000 where, by phone, you can also authorize repayments whenever you wish.

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